DXRacer Master Series Gaming Chair - Black (Free Shipping)

- Height Adjustable Headrest
- 4D Integrated Lumbar Support
- Cold-cure Foam
- Swappable Seat Cushion
- 135° Recline Angle
- Modular Design
- Upgraded Parts
  • Aluminum base
  • Fully adjustable arms, Height Adjustment
  • Inclination up to 135º
  • Supported weight: up to 125 Kgs
Product Code: MAS-I238S-N.N1-A3
Brand: Dxracer
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 125,000

- It has a soft, silky feel and strong tensile and abrasion resistance, making it comfortable to sit on for many years to come.

- A fully adjustable headrest gives you the option of customising it, allowing you to have a pillow that suits your taste.

- The Master chair's side-mounted rotary dial, which is typically used to adjust the seating in high-end cars, makes it simple to customise for outstanding comfort.

- Even when using the tilt mechanism (up to 135°) for reclining and resting, a strong and sturdy metal base can withstand external forces and sustain up to 250 lbs.

- The changeable seat cushion may be swapped in and out while enabling maximum ventilation to provide you a cool and comfortable position. It is made of highly robust and breathable mesh.

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